Oh no, she's domestic.

I know, maybe you wouldn't have guessed it, but I've turned all domestic. I'm hanging my laundry out to dry on a line above my (actually-producing-food) gardens and learning about charcoal grills and sitting out on a balcony sipping adult beverages with my husband and pups* (Turtle stays inside climbing things).

Sundays have always been linen washing days and the summer makes them more fun. As does owning my very first and very own retractable clothes line.
I've got enough zucchini growing to feed the neighborhood (or friends who would like some) and the tomatoes are starting to come in. And my gardens continue to flourish much to my amazement. There is even a resident spider (Herbert, if you must know).
We finally got a grill and love it.
And we added seating and potted moss to our balcony for warm summer evening sitting and pondering.
These are some peas and carrots from my garden that we grilled with garlic and onions, alongside salmon burgers.

The summer has also brought with it a renewed vigor for bike rides everywhere (library, grocery store, Sunday brunch, etc.) and walks around the neighborhood twice daily. Thank goodness for the sun these days.

This next week we are off to camp at Mt. Rainier (my birthday present from Ryan and Lauren).

Stay tuned.... more on the surprise (yep, it stayed a surprise) birthday party Ryan and friends threw for me.

xo, Meg

*I just re-read this and it looks like our pups drink adult beverages too. I guarantee that they do not. At least not that they tell me.


Updates on Growth

This Turtle now weighs 4 lbs. She started at about 1.8.
This garden now has cilantro and unbelievable amounts of dill. And the tomato plants are flowering and huge.
Our first signs of broccoli! (Look in the center! I never had any idea how broccoli grew until I went out and saw this in my garden.)

The peas are going crazy and getting ready to be harvested. And the zucchini plants are giant.
My first little carrot. I picked it to see how the carrots were growing annnnnd they are growing well! And they are tasty to boot.

Have a beautiful day.

xo, Meghan


W.S. Merwin....

This made my day....

W.S. Merwin to Be Named Poet Laureate

(photo from the NYT)

W.S. Merwin is one of my favorite poets. I was lucky enough to see him read in Seattle this year. To see him honored in such a way thrills my heart.

He has inspired me so much in my own writing. His work ethic is incredible. At the reading he said he always has a book in progress, a huge task for any writer. But his hard work has paid off. He has written over 30 books and is one of few who has received 2 Pulitzer Prizes.

My favorite quote from the reading I attended: "Try to praise the mutilated world because the mutilated world is the whole world." He is a man who finds beauty everywhere and then shares it with the public.

To learn more about W.S. Merwin and to read some of his poems, visit here. He is sure to knock your boots off with beauty. I highly recommend his newest collection of poems "Shadow of Sirius" (winner of a Pulitzer Prize in 2009).

xo, Meg


A Dog's (or Cat's) Desk.

Everytime I leave my desk during the day, a dog or two and maybe a little kitten sneak up on to the chair (it is a mighty comfy chair I will admit) and when I return they sit up.... looking like they are running the show.

Yesterday it was Apollonia playing writer at the desk. I can't be mad though, they are too cute. Usually I just squeeze my butt into the 4 square inches they leave for me and work like that.

Later, Turtle passed out on my journal while I was writing. She likes to watch me type or paw at my pen while I scratch away.

They are the best business (if you can call what I do business) partners ever.

xo, Meg


Summer's busting out all over.

Summer time is here. At least in theory. It is the 2nd day of summer and we did get sun.... so I'm pleased.

Pleased enough to make salmon, broccoli, garlic, and shallot pizza, chop a small watermelon and pour wine at a table next to the irises in the backyard. I guess that counts as summer.

And, of course.... the gardens and flowers. To my amazement, they are growing with fervor. Enough so that I have cut some fresh flowers for my desk and the kitchen counter and eaten lettuce, spinach, thyme, basil, oregano, dill, sage, and strawberries from the gardens. I am still thrilled at being able to grow my own things.

I got my first real pink face and my freckles are starting to darken.... must mean it's summer time. I'm thankful for that.

xo, Meg

I'm not even mad.....

I'm impressed. (Can't you tell by Ryan's face?)

Turtle, scaling our screen door. Yes, folks, that's right. She dangles from the blinds by a paw and squeezes in between the glass door and the screen door. And she sneak attacks the dogs.... from above. And she hides in curtains and pounces when you least expect it.

She is a wild thing.

At least our house is constantly entertained by the 3 wonder pets.

xo, Meg


Happy Father's Day....

Happy Father's Day to this rugged individual....

xo, Meg